Befriend The Fear That Underpins Everything

Befriend The Fear That Underpins Everything

Fear guides all of our actions. It’s in our decisions about job choice, about vacation or any kind of purchase we make. What I just wrote is either obvious to you or you think I’m mad. That’s because there’s different levels of familiarity with fear…

We are moving through a spectrum of our relationship with fear:

  • unaware. We think we’re masters of our destiny, we can do whatever we decide to do and there’s no mystery in any of that. Or quite the opposite - we think nothing is possible, we have very little control or influence over what’s happening to us. In both cases we haven’t realised our choices are primarily driven by fear.
  • sensing. We sense there’s some force in our life in action. Something that influences how we live but it’s hard to say what it is.
  • aware and paralyzed. We know it’s there. We see how this fear underpinned some of our life choices, actions or lack of action. This means we self reflected on it and we’re on our way do something about it.
  • aware and using it as compass. Fear shows us the stuff that’s the most important to us, to our evolution and growth. If we’re using it as guide and go towards the fear not away from it - we’re mastering it. This is the group of the most fulfilled and successful people.

There may be even more angles to it. I’m definitely in the aware and paralyzed mode for most of the time. Sometimes, for tiny moments I manage to lean towards the fear and act. I’m working on stretching them out :)

Where are you?

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