Goal Setting Is SCARY Powerful. Because It Works 100% Of The Time

Goal Setting Is SCARY Powerful. Because It Works 100% Of The Time

Imagine you can achieve whatever you want. Whatever you truly want and commit to. Over last two years I used the 7-step method for goal setting. It worked every single time. 100%. Whatever goal I have set I managed to reach it. Now this is scary.

Old proven method

The method I used is the seven-step procedure by Zig Ziglar. I learned it during altMBA course and that’s when I used it successfully for the first time. Back then my goal was to setup a blog. Thanks to using this method I actually, finally started my blog. I did it in a matter of hours after years of thinking about it, making excuses and being indecisive.

After that I used it on multiple occasions. Hitting my goal every time. You can learn the method here- it’s very simple.

How to make it work?

First in order to make it work you need to do it end-to-end as described in the procedure. I always do it on paper, even though I rarely use handwriting. Something’s different, more real when you use your muscles and pen for it. It usually takes me 30 to 60 minutes.

Why is it so powerful?

The power of this method comes from the fact that it pulls all your excuses, insecurities and doubts into the daylight. All those obstacles and problems you’re so attached to are suddenly brought in front of you. Then what you can - and need - to do is to handle them. One by one you address them either by finding a solution or admitting this is not a real problem just an excuse (more often than you think!).

Fear is the key here. It’s the reason and source of most of the “problems” that keep you from achieving your goal. Only when you put them down in writing you can see the fear for what it is. Only when you write those excuses down, you make them tangible and sometimes you can even laugh at how ridiculous they are. You can pack them into a mental box and move it out of the way. That’s it. This is the essence of the method for me. What remains is the real obstacles or milestones that you need to solve. You do that by creating a plan of action.

Why is it scary?

Because it works. Since the method worked each time I used it, I can now roll it out for the big goals. For the dreams. For those audacious things that I think I want, that I always dreamt about, which seem impossible. This means a lot of fear confrontations! This means no more hiding. This means serious business.

It feels like all the limitations are suddenly removed. Because in some sense they are, because I can address them. I guess this is how lottery winners who are scared to collect the reward feel like. You know your life can change. It can change entirely. And it’s all in your hands.