Hello World ;)

Every new project requires a "Hello World!", so here's one. This is a blog of Michał Nowak.

Why Blog?

This blog was created out of my necessity to write. For some reason I feel a strong urge to write. It helps me think straight, it's a security valve to release excessive mental pressure.

I realized recently I really like to write, even though it's hard sometimes. Most of the time in fact... But I like it and I think I can get good at it.

What Is This Blog About?

I don't know. I haven't created a theme for it on purpose. I need a place to dump my thinking. I'll revisit the purpose in a couple of months to see what are the topics I cover most often. Or not.

What To Expect Then?

If you really want to know what to expect then here's the list of my Instapaper folders. I create them to store precious stuff I found online. I've noticed that Instapaper keeps the chronological order of those folders so this is how my interests evolved over the last couple of years, with explanations.

  • Team leadership
  • Lean Startup
  • Photo ...graphy
  • Productivity
  • Precision Questioning a methodical way of asking questions to arrive at a solution. I hope to learn it someday
  • Evojam Philisophy Strategy & Vision of Evojam I have a pleasure to co-run
  • Market Landscape Some attempts at understanding the current business world
  • Personal development
  • Marketing automation Invention by Satan to manipulate people into buying even more. I've got close to building one of those.
  • Contextual IoT BigData Internet of Things provides Context for the digital world and produces a lot of big/fast data
  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. A western/medical approach to the mindfulness meditation practices.
  • Work Futurology This is my long-term obsession. How to enable people to find the best place for them to work.
  • Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • API Application Programming Interface. It's how applications talk to each other. Think Facebook Login or something similar
  • Spirituality This is the groundwork for anything else in life really
  • Vision & Mission ...statements. How to effectively capture and explain what an organization does in a few words. This is the ultimate synthesis of information and storytelling.
  • altMBA All the goodies from the altMBA course by Seth Godin in which I had the pleasure of participating.
  • Sales == In the end everything is sales. Sales of your view of the world, of your ideas.==

Are Your a "Frustrate"?

Sometimes. The name of this blog means exactly 'a frustrate' in Polish, my native language.

You can also read it as Fruitful Strategy or Frugal Strategy. 'Fru' is also the sound of something thrown into the air in Polish. So it can be Fru into the Stratosphere :)

See you around!