Nobody Knows Anything

Nobody Knows Anything

I always tried to understand the world around me. Be it algebra in polytechnic or management rules at work or building startups in a successful way. So I read clever books, listen to wise people sharing advice and so one. And I realised that none of them actually know.

They all pretend to be experts. But the reality is that they’re as lost as I am. They may have figured certain area out. They may really know a lot in their speciality. Like applications of Scrum in mids sized SaaS companies. Or the ways organic molecules behave under high pressures. But they’re equally confused by all the rest of the world, especially in business, life and people.

Especially people, their motivations, their relationships are confusing. On one hand there’s plenty of stuff psychology has figured out and explained. But then came Kahneman and destroyed our certainty about ourselves and our trust in our own minds.

So I look up to the experts and all they have, are just pieces of knowledge. The world as a whole is unknowable . It can only be understood partially and discovered by experiments. By doing, poking and seeing what happens.

Photo by Ian Espinosa.