What I’m doing now? Inspired by Derek Sivers now page.


  • Customer research at Evojam using jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) method. Including learning to do the JTBD.
  • Optimizing and developing new AdWords campaigns and landing pages for Evojam.
  • Shipping the 4th video out of my goal of 6 videos to be published till May 2018. One a month.
  • Reading a lot about photo gear.
  • Learning strobe photo lighting on Strobist. Both reading about it and taking photos with a flash.
  • Finishing my 30-day-writing-challenge on the blog.
  • Trying to hash out a concept for a YouTube channel.
  • Sorting and rating remaining 20k old photos on my hard drive.

Clearly this lacks focus and it’s too much… Oh and there’s the long overdue storytelling course I wan to do.