Silent War On Your Time

We either sail somewhere or drift. We wanna go somewhere, achieve something. But the world wants us to divert from that course. It demands our attention, energy and resources. Nowhere it’s as clearly visible as in your schedule.

It’s easy to miss it. This war for on our time is silent. It was never declared. The main problem is that it’s an unequal war: there’s infinite amount of things to be done every day that come from the outside world. The world doesn’t care where what goals we want to achieve. There’s million of errands to handle, obligations to fulfill and expectations of others whom we don’t want to disappoint. It’s really easy to lose this war. One battle, one day at a time.

If you’re like me nobody schooled you how to save the precious time for the things that matter. I found one effective way not to lose. (I don't know if you can win this war...) I get up and try to carve out a piece of time to sail in the direction I want. To do at least a little bit of work each day. It's so simple. Some days I lose but then I get up the next day and start the battle anew. It never ends. Good luck.