Are You Goal Oriented Or Work Oriented

A few years ago I learned one can be oriented towards goals, which means results. Or one can be oriented towards work, which means being busy. Since then I worked on being more goal oriented. Just as I thought I was winning that battle I discovered the enemy right in front of my face…

Goal setting is simple

I’m a big proponent of methodical goal-setting. Since I started using this method I had a very good ratio of goals achieved. You know why? Because I set goals that were completely within my control. Deliver 7 blog posts within a week. Easy. Create 6 videos in six months. Doable.

I realised I set myself goals that are 100% controllable by me. It’s not gain X viewers for my blog or achieving Y likes on YouTube. No, those goals only guarantee I’ll be busy…

Art & science of goal setting

On one hand it’s ok, because we shouldn’t set unrealistic goals. And the only thing we can guarantee we’ll do is put in the work. The results come or not come depending on external world. Yet, this seems to be hiding. Because in the end we want to get somewhere. It’s obvious we’ll encounter obstacles on our way there. We’ll need to figure it out on our way to the destination. So in a way goal should be partially outside of our influence.

I guess setting goals is both - planning the work and aiming for the result. There’s a fine balance between the two. Goal setting is art and science it turns out. It demands practice.