Buddhist Business?

Buddhist Business?

We strive to have stability. We cling to things, people and habits. We want things to be they have been unless we to decide to change something. Even then we change very little.

This is natural, it’s part of the human nature. Buddhists say that this attachment to the fixed world is one of the main sources of suffering. The way to escape it is to accept everything changes.

In nature variety is to be expected. It’s the norm. Change of seasons, birth and dying. Everything is in a constant flow.

In the previous post I wrote about peaks and dips in the amount of work, which is a big problem in business. Business loves constants. Constant revenue, constant interest rates, constant orders, constant production capacity, etc. and the most desired constant of all: constant growth :)

Naturally this comes from the way humans operate. It comes from the way we design buildings, production facilities, roads and everything else. It probably also comes from the fact that people are repetitive and predictable.

At the same time business is also influenced by nature. Seasons, weather, human traditions and calendars (which partially come from natural seasons) and all the interdependencies of the market. So it means that business - just like our lives - is an attempt to reconcile the nature with the man-made.

I wonder. Since the key to happiness in life is not clinging to things, then perhaps one could build a business in tune with natural ups and downs. One not impacted by changes and variability. Something that can naturally accommodate changes?